Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Snowmobile Trails

I wasn't sore after Eastern States, but I could definitely feel the fatigue in my legs all day Monday. That didn't stop me from running, though. I was antsy to get back out there after an extremely boring day at work, but I didn't want to hit the road. I decided to gamble on Corridor 19 for an easy 6 miles. Footing was soft at times, but since I wasn't looking for speed, it didn't matter. Nice slow pace.
This morning, I got up and drove to Bear Notch Rd. There was a decent layer of fresh snow on those snowmobile tracks, and the footing was even softer than the night before. But once again, I wanted to be off the road and to get some decent miles in. I did an out and back to make 10.3 total. I'm not sure how long the snowmobile trails are going to last. If the warmer temps keep up, they are going to be melted quickly.
This afternoon was another gorgeous day, so I took John and two of my dogs on a hike to Big Rock Cave from Wonalancet. The trail was in ok shape... as long as you stayed right in the middle. Any misstep off to the side and it was posthole city. Once we crossed into the Sandwich Range Wilderness, though, the trail was very packed down and solid. John really enjoyed the cave. The last time he was here, he was 18 months old, and I had carried him up. Time has really flown by! The "cave" was really awesome. I had forgotten how big the rocks were. Here are a few pics from our hike.

After the hike, we drove a few miles down the road to fill up our water jugs with water from the Sandwich Spring, and what did I see?!!!!! A MOSQUITO!!! So not ready for that. I need the break between winter and bug season, so I'm hoping this isn't an omen.

A day late, but I found some photos from Eastern States 20. I'll probably add one to my ES blog post, but here I am at the finish. I purposely waited until she finished taking the photo before I stopped my watch. Ha ha.

Finish of the Eastern States 20 Mile Race 2015

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