Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chocorua Again

Monday, I decided to take it easy. Short 2-mile ski on the Mountain Division Trail at lunch and then a 5-mile treadmill run at home after work. I felt pretty good, not even sore from Sunday's race. However, I woke up this morning to sore calves, but I decided to do the run I had planned anyway. It was my typical run on the dirt roads in Chocorua. The roads are plowed, but still covered in snow so I wore microspikes, as usual. It's going to feel so nice hanging those things up when the snow melts. Footing was decent in most places, but still a little icy in spots. I ran 12.5 miles at a 7:36/mi. I actually felt good other than the sore calves. The weather was beautiful so I had to take the typical "tourist" Chocorua Lake/Mountain photo when I finished my run.
Later on, John and I skied at Black Mt for a few hours. The conditions have been so awesome this year that it's making me feel like a good skier, even though I'm not. Definitely makes it more fun, though.
It's snowing now, and I'm hoping we don't get too much of it. If we do, I'll have to snowblow at 4am in the morning instead of getting my run in. I'm on call at the ambulance tomorrow night, so I may only get in a quick 3 miles in the hour between jobs. All up in the air right now.

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