Thursday, March 5, 2015

Short Day

I have a feeling this week is going to be a short mileage week. I ended up snowblowing my driveway this morning at 4am instead of getting on the treadmill. I didn't need to snowblow it to get out, but I also didn't want to leave that layer of wet snow for it to melt and then freeze into ice overnight. Got in 2.9 mile ski on the Mountain Division Trail at lunch since it was so nice out. I wanted to make it an even 3 miles, but I literally ran out of time. Made it back to work exactly on the dot AGAIN. It's worth cutting it close on days like today. The sun felt so good. The rest of the day ended being entertaining. I had to reboot our server to reinstall Carbonite and purposely didn't tell my boss I was going to do it. I may be evil, but I wanted to see if his predicted reaction would ensue. And sure enough, it did. As soon as I shut it down, I could hear stomping up above and a panicked voice yelling for me that Platinum had just crashed. I was chuckling to myself the whole time. It's a chiropractic clinic; you can live without a computer to treat patients for 5 minutes. Except, it lasted about 2 hours. Oops. Windows was all rebooted and asked me for the password. Um, what password? No idea. Now, my boss was in full-on panic mode. This was very entertaining. He found what he thought was the password. Didn't work. I spent another hour down in the basement trying every single known password we use until he realized he had written down the correct password originally but accidentally wrote two numbers backwards. I found this whole thing comical since most days are so boring; I needed the entertainment. So everything appeared fine... until my coworker realizes Platinum isn't working right on her computer since the reboot. So that gets shut down while she's on the phone with customer service for another hour only to find out the problem was all due to her "Number Lock" key. Pretty funny stuff. Gotta find the fun somehow in that place.
At 6pm on the dot, I bolted out of there hoping to get some sort of run in before my on-call shift started at 7pm. That usually means nothing more than 3 miles, so I decided to hit Haley Town Rd again for a short 5k run. I walked down the tracks from my car to the road, take one step and then realize that it's pitch black dark. I reach up to my forehead. No headlamp. Damn. Oh well. No time to go back. And not only that, I wasn't wearing my reflective jacket either. I only had two small pieces of reflective fabric on my shirt, and that was it. I thought, "F*ck it," and carried on. No time to warm up, so I just went off fast, 1.6 out, turned around and ran 1.5 back to make it a 5k in 19:58. I had to step off to the side about 4 times during the road to ensure I wasn't hit by car since I wasn't visible. I don't think it slowed me much, but I felt like that run should have been faster. Oh well.
Headed home with just enough time to shower before getting called into the ambulance at 8:20pm for a transfer to Frisbie Memorial Hospital in Rochester. I always seem to end up in Rochester lately. Easy enough transfer since it was short and NOT snowing. I even took a happy selfie to show I was feeling the opposite of  2 weeks ago when I was in Rochester hating life. Couldn't get my selfie shadow out of the picture, though. Ha ha.
I am a happy camper this time. Yay!
Made it back to the base just after midnight, wrote my report and now at 1:23am, I'm writing this ridiculous blog post instead of going to bed. Tomorrow's run will probably suck now, but I can just blame it on lack of sleep. :)

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