Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Haley Town Finale

Today was probably the longest, most boring day I've had at the chiropractor's office. The new person commandeered my desk, and with her overpowering perfume/cigarette smell that had saturated the room, I could hardly breathe. Just kept telling myself that I am almost done!! One more half day Friday, and the fat lady will sing. CAN.NOT.WAIT.
I hit up Haley Town Rd right after work for one last 8-mile jaunt before I'm no longer employed in Maine. After two days of forced recovery on the slow stuff, I decided to pick up the pace finishing the 8 miles in 53:52, 6:41/mi. I felt good.
I received the news today that the Merrimack River Trail Race is postponed to May 9th. Although I was really looking forward to it next weekend, I think this will actually work out better since it gives me some time to get on snow-free trails to train. Plus, May 9th was free anyway, so it all works out, and now I have a few other back up races I can do next weekend instead.
Tomorrow will be a short run (maybe 6ish?) early before I head to our Tamworth ambulance base for a 10-hour shift from 9a-7p. I'm really looking forward to it since I am so ready to be back at a job I love.

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