Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Valley Loop

I got up early this morning to get in a longish run, but then still spent 1.5 hours procrastinating with coffee and reading the local paper. I finally dragged myself out the door when I realized I was going to run out of time if I didn't get in gear. I had a loose plan in mind, but pretty much made up my route as I went along, running a big loop through Albany, Conway and Madison. I had no idea what the mileage would be, but as I was running up 153, I knew it was going to be close to 15. And I was close. 15.4 miles, 7:32/mi, 1069 ft of elevation gain. Pretty decent run. I started to get tired towards the end, but I was starting to feel hungry. I hadn't eaten anything yet all this morning. And, I still waited an hour to eat after I got home.
The rest of the day was uneventful. John and I took a short walk up near Thorn Pond in Bartlett. The sun felt so good that as soon as we got home, I spent the next 1.5 hours sitting in it. I've been dreaming of this for what seems like forever, and it was definitely as wonderful as I remembered. I even broke out the bare feet from their winter hibernation.
Pardon the toenail polish leftover from 3 months ago. Lol.

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