Thursday, March 5, 2015

12 Miles

I ended up spending the night at the ambulance last night since it was so late, but I was up around 6am to come home. I decided to do one of my usual runs from home into Conway and Madison and back. I was planning to take it easy, so I didn't push it. Never looked at my time. Just enjoyed running and the view. The roads were mostly dry except for two very short stretches. Finished up with 12.1 miles at 7:33/mi pace which was a lot faster than I thought I was going. Very surprised, but I think it was just the mostly dry roads and long downhill section. My calves are still pretty sore, and my body is screaming at me to take a rest day, so that's what tomorrow will be. The big snowshoe race is on Saturday, and, although I will be lucky to even be in the top 5, I still want to run the best race I can. (I don't think I will stand a chance against a former World Mountain Running champion. LOL.) My legs are needing the break; I can feel it. I'll just use that time to take the dogs for a walk and run a few errands before John comes home at 2:30.
I got some really good news today that I'll have to share at a later date (since I was told to keep my mouth shut, and I don't know who's reading this), but it motivated me to actually cook tonight. That is a really rare occurrence these days since I'm mainly just cooking for myself... and I'm lazy. I made John teriyaki chicken and then spent an hour making myself thai coconut chicken soup. I didn't eat until after 9pm, but it was worth it. It turned out really good and had a nice kick. Maybe I'll start cooking for myself more often now, like once a month instead of once every 3 months. Ha ha.
My dinner, eaten standing up using my elegant table, the pellet stove. LOL.
(The double lighthouse thing is a total coincidence.)

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