Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 22

I have to admit it felt great to sleep in for a second morning this weekend. Sleeping in for me is 7am, but compared to 5am, that's a lot. Got up, took the dogs out and then had coffee. Once John woke up I made him breakfast, changed into my running clothes and headed out with plans to do 13 loops around the neighborhood. 2 minutes later, I was back in the house changing into different running clothes to run on the treadmill. Last night's wet snow fall had left the road completely covered in ice, so I had to abort my outside running plans. I knew that I had no other option but the treadmill AND that I had to do 12 miles on it. Omg. I didn't have 12 miles planned for any training purposes. 12 miles was chosen because today would have been my 12th wedding anniversary. I decided last night that I wanted to run 12 miles in order to celebrate that it WASN'T my 12th anniversary. Seems weird, but fitting. It's like a celebration of being free. So when I realized I had to do this on the treadmill, I considered bagging the whole idea. But in the end, I did it. 12 miles. Happy Non-Anniversay to me! Hell, yes. :) 12 miles 7:13/mi pace. Felt really good.
The wind had really picked up, but John and I had to get outside to do something. I decided a hike would be better than skiing and chose Peaked Mt as we were driving out of the driveway. It ended up being cold and windy, but the sun was shining and hardly any other people were out there. John didn't complain one bit and seemed to actually enjoy himself. The only problem for me is that he is really slow. In the summer, it's not really a big deal, but in that cold wind, it was killing me. I kept having to stop and wait, which would leave me getting cold. So I just encouraged him to keep moving as much as I could, but the hike still ended up mostly like the picture below. Ha ha ha.
John stopped while I freeze to death. Lol.
Despite the slow speed, we still had a great hike. Any time I can get him in the mountains without a single complaint and with a lot of smiles is a win in my book.
Peaked summit

Peaked summit

Peaked summit

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