Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Easy Days

Yesterday, I woke up surprised not to be sore at all from New Bedford, but my legs still felt a little fatigued. I had 10 hours of sitting at work to give my legs more rest than they need. (I did get in the usual 2.9 mile ski during lunch, though.)Work was interesting; I gave my two-weeks notice. My boss took it well at first, but then started to get weird. I could see he was upset and started avoiding eye contact with me. I hate giving notice, although I've done it more times than I can count. I'm a pro job quitter. LOL. I like to play the field of jobs, and so far the only two I've stayed at the longest are flight attendant and EMT. The only two that I've loved. I was professional dog walker, which I also loved, but dealing with the people (owners) wasn't always fun. So I lasted just over 6 months at this office job. The office job is not for me. I can't do it. It was sucking the life out of me. I found myself staring out the window way too often. I wanted to quit by week two, but I stuck it out for just over 6 months. My boss said, "Well, I normally ask for 4 weeks notice..." Yeah, well, you're not getting it. Sorry. My other two coworkers that I've had since I've been there both walked out on him without any notice (one had been there for 13 years!). He's lucky he's getting two weeks from me, but I like to be professional. I gave my notice after we were done with patients for the day, so I didn't have to deal with his "disappointment" for too long. I'm nervous for what the next two weeks will hold, but I can almost bet it won't be fun. I just have to remember that I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is BRIGHT.
Needless to say, I was ready for a run after work. I wanted to take it easy and do short miles, but I was bored with the usual runs, so I drove away from work and took a right on 113 with no idea where I was going. I figured a run idea would come to me as I drove, and it did. I decided to park in the snowmobile lot near Sherman Farm and run on 113 to Green Hill Road. Green Hill Rd can be a little sketchy in some parts (trust me, I've been in some of those homes), but it was pretty quiet. Really flat. 6.3 miles 7:00/mi pace. Out and back. I got it in just before sunset. I felt pretty good then felt sore about an hour later. Hmm.
This morning, I woke up to snow falling (big surprise!). It wasn't heavy, but I thought it might mean slippery roads. I wasn't up for that today, so I decided to jump on my treadmill for an 8-mile run. As always 1-3% elevation, alternating every half mile. 56:50, 7:06/mi. Also felt pretty good. I just listened to music today and daydreamed. Got me through it.
John and I decided to hit the slopes after he came home, so we drove up to Black Mt to find the place closed. I have no idea why it was closed, and I was pretty miffed about it. It's supposed to be open and wasn't posted anywhere. I just hated it that we wasted time (and gas) driving all the way up there. John was disappointed and said he was looking forward to skiing today. We sat in the parking lot for about 10 minutes while I tried to come up with Plan B. I remembered that Cranmore and Bretton Woods had special ticket deals for St Patrick's Day, so I decided to say fuck it and just go to Cranmore. $34 total for both of our tickets wasn't bad, but I hate buying ski tickets when I have season passes somewhere else. It was so worth it, though. We don't ski at Cranmore much since it is usually packed with a million people, but today was perfect. Hardly anyone there, especially the last hour. The skiing was great. We had a super fun time, so it was worth the $34 for sure.
Tomorrow, I have another 10 hour day, followed by the overnight on-call shift at the ambulance. I'm planning to get up early to run on the treadmill and then get in a quick 3-mile run right after work. This week might shape up to be low miles again. I'll be lucky to get much over 40 this week, but that's ok. I need a recovery week anyway.


  1. That's funny. My easy days are nowhere near 7:00 pace. ;)

  2. Ha! Easy as in low mileage and no elevation. :)