Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hill and Loops

It was back to the regularly scheduled programming for my raceless weekend. I have to admit it feels really weird, and I'm definitely having withdrawal symptoms. I couldn't do enough today, so I ran twice, downhill skied, did an upper body workout and an ab workout.
I had to stay close to home, so I took the dogs on a snowshoe run up and down Heavenly Hill twice. I wasn't exactly dying to do a snowshoe run, but it was either that or posthole the hell out of my trail. 2x Heavenly Hill came out to 2.7 miles in 42:18, 975 ft of gain. Obviously not pushing myself. When I was done, I changed into my Hokas (which felt really good after a 3 month hiatus) and hit the neighborhood for 6 loops. I also took it pretty easy on this one. 5.6 miles 7:34/mi pace. 8.3 miles for the day.
Skiied with John at Black Mt after that. Spring skiing at its finest. Then I ordered us pizzas to-go from the Shannon Door on the way up to Pinkham Notch to get spring water. They weren't ready yet, so I got to enjoy the live music for a little bit. It was funny; the stale beer smell immediately made me think of Rick's Bar where I used to work when we lived in Key West. On the way home, I got a text from my mom. "Just got your message. Your mailbox is full. Picking Nannie up for dinner. Call back if you are sober." What?!! Ha ha ha! Not sure what that meant, but I did call her back and made sure it was before I fell off the wagon. :)
More loops tomorrow for my run. I'm not sure how many I can handle, but I might have to break out the music for that one.

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