Thursday, March 12, 2015


Yesterday ended up being an unplanned, short run around the neighborhood. I got a call at lunch from a supervisor at the ambulance saying someone had banged out of the on-call shift for that night and asked if I wanted it. I was reluctant to take it since I didn't have my work clothes with me (meaning I'd be stuck going straight home and running around the neighborhood), and I wasn't sure I wanted to risk pulling an all-nighter with New Bedford coming up on Sunday. I was used to them before when I worked there full-time, but now, they leave me wrecked for 2-3 days. But the two things that got me were the extra money and my awesome partner, Jen, who is one of my best friends. So I agreed but hoped it was going to be an easy money night (not getting called in and just getting my stipend pay). The weather was so nice, and I was happy to get a decent x-c ski in during my lunch break. As soon as I was out of work, I went straight home, changed into running clothes and hit the road fast. I wanted to be done by 7pm, when the on-call shift started. I ran 3.7 miles at 6:55/mi pace around the neighborhood. Short, quick and boring, but it was still light out so it made it bearable. Finished up right at 7. I ended up getting what I wished for, too. No call. And I got about 9 hours of sleep. So relieved.
I had a specific road run planned for this morning, but when I headed to the coffee pot and looked out my kitchen window, I saw IT. IT was on my car. SNOW! wtf. It wasn't enough to get bent out of shape about... unless you are planning to run on certain roads that will now be slippery!!! Grr. But being as stubborn as I am (and I'm sure that's news to everyone), I decided I was just going to do that run anyway and modify it as I went along. Sadly, I had to put the trail shoes back on and headed out to sloppy, slippery roads. I ran up Bald Hill Rd with the intention of going back via the Kanc, but after I saw Chase Hill completely covered, I knew the hill down the backside would be treacherous, so I turned around and headed back towards 16 and hit Conway Village where the sidewalks were nearly a death trap. Kevin Tilton drove by and honked as I was making my way around the MANY icy patches on the sidewalks. (I could sense the envy in Kevin's eyes. That awesome snowshoe mountain run he had planned for later would never compare to the greatness of my run this morning.) Good thing the Conway voters decided to turn their sidewalk maintenance back over to the town at Tuesday's vote. Those things are even bad in the summer. And don't get me started on the crosswalks. I finally got out of the village and headed up Tasker and Allard Hill. At the top of Allard Hill, I turned around, and on the way back down, I started getting hit with the most insane wind gusts coming from the side. Twice, I literally almost had my legs knocked out from under me. When I turned onto Pequawket, I had a head wind all the way back to 113, but I still managed a really decent pace of 7:26/mi for the 10.6 miles and 858ft of gain. I was surprised since I had to slow it way down on most of the roads for the first half of the run due to the the snow/slush. My legs were hurting a bit today. Calves, quads and hamstrings. Not sure why. I wasn't sore after Saturday's race or yesterday, but maybe it's DOMS from Tuesday's snowmobile trail run. I don't know. Tomorrow will be a shorter day, and then Saturday will be a zero... I think. I might do 3 or so on the treadmill before we head for the South Shore. I have to get out of here before the snow hits, so John and I are spending Saturday night in Marshfield. Once again, snow has made me alter my plans. Oh well, it will be gone soon. I can't wait to sit in the Spring sun on my deck.

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