Monday, March 23, 2015

Frost Mountain

Long day at work still training my replacement. I was able to get out for a ski at lunch, but I had to cut it short since the trail was just too icy. Looks like my last few shifts will be back to just taking a walk at lunch. I found out today that I will still have one more full week after this one at the chiropractor. The start day at the next job got pushed back a week. A little disappointed, but that's ok; it's not really a big deal. I can handle another week. The second new job should start next week, but I can do that one whenever I feel like it. I have to keep both jobs under wraps, as told by both of my managers, because of the potential drama it could cause if I started blabbing. The drama will be there, but I guess this their way of putting it off.
After work, I drove over to Brownfield, as planned, to finally find Frost Mt. I hit the snowmobile trails and found my way right up the mountain. It was just before sunset, so I enjoyed a beautiful sky up there and for the rest of my run. It was very beautiful. I stopped at the top for awhile to enjoy the view and take a few pictures.

The mileage wasn't really there so I just decided to wander around a bit, running down and back on the snowmobile trails, and I ended up at Frost Mt Yurts. I ran on some of their xc ski trails and even checked out one of the yurts. Pretty sweet spot. I got to my car right at dark. I took it easy on this run just trying to enjoy it instead of busting out the speed. 6.4 miles 10:09/mi pace 1408ft gain.
I realized tonight that it's only about 9 weeks away from the Vermont City Marathon. Or should I say 9 weeks away until I totally embarrass myself? VCM- Invited Athletes

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