Friday, March 20, 2015


It didn't feel like Spring this morning at 8 degrees, but by the time I was out of work at noon, the weather was gorgeous. Sunny AND warm. I decided to venture a few miles down the road to where Kevin Tilton ran yesterday to check out the snowmobile trails and, hopefully, also Frost Mt if I had the time. After sitting at my desk for almost 6 hours training my replacement, I was raring to go. The trail conditions were perfect and really pretty. Not too much elevation, but some gentle rolling hills. The trail started to climb about 4 miles in, so I figured I was on my way up Frost, but just below the summit, I came across a sign pointing to the summit of Peary Mt.
Obviously, I had gone wrong somewhere, but I was close to my turn around time so I headed up to this summit. It was an amazing view! And so clear. I could see Mt Washington and a good stretch of the Whites.
My mileage hit 5 miles on dot up there, so the timing and mileage were perfect. I ran back the way I came and finished up 10.1 miles in about 1:19. Peary Mt was worth the mistake for sure. I looked back at Kevin's run to see we had gone in opposite directions at an intersection, so I know where I went wrong. I might try to get to Frost Mt next week after work. Only one more full week, plus a day, until I will no longer be working in Fryeburg. This week cannot go by fast enough.

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