Monday, April 13, 2015

Chocorua Lake Roads

Today ended up being a fairly busy day at the ambulance. The morning was quiet so I soaked up some sun with my book, but as the day progressed, we ended up getting back-to-back calls that killed the rest of our day. I was able to finally get lunch in at 4pm, which kind of worried me since I was meeting Jim Johnson for a run at Chocorua Lake Rd at 5:15. But I was starving, so I had to eat, and fortunately, that steak and cheese burrito didn't affect me at all on the run.
I met up with Jim, and we started the run off at a really quick pace. We haven't run together in awhile, and he's gotten much faster. I was struggling to keep up the whole time. We ran an out and back on the dirt roads, that had been my go-to this winter, to make 10 miles. My Strava app said it was 10.2 miles at a 6:59/mi pace, and Jim's watch had 10 miles even at a 7:06/mi pace. Not sure what's accurate, but either pace is decent on those roads with over 700ft of climbing. It was nice to run on snow-free roads for a change, and the weather was beautiful. Looking forward to more days like this.

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