Friday, April 10, 2015

Eaton/Freedom Roads

Yesterday, I dragged myself out of bed for the second day in a row before 5am. Hopped on the treadmill for an easy 5 miles, 7:11/mile pace. Nothing fancy.
Then it was off to my 24 hour shift in North Conway. Calls were steady with 3 911s and a transfer to Maine Med. It was great to be back in North Conway working my old shift with my old partner. As planned, I ended the 7 month long prank on another crew. Unfortunately, I won't be there tomorrow to see the reaction. This prank then reminded me of the candy heist prank I pulled over a year ago. Checked to see if it was still hidden, and it was. Haha. Time to come up with some new ideas.
I woke up to about 4 inches of snow outside and decided to wait until midday to do my run in hopes of drier roads. I drove over to King Pine and ran a 16.1 mile loop through Eaton and Freedom. About 6 miles in, a familiar face joined me. "Jake" the dog! "Jake" (who is actually Louey) joined Jim Johnson and me for 6 miles when we ran this route in December. Today, Louey would join me for 10 miles. Louey looks a little mangy, but he's a pretty cool dog. I actually enjoyed his company.
Here's "Jake" Louey mid-shake
This morning around 6:15am, a tone went out for a small structure fire in Freedom. I had forgotten that this run was on that same road, so it was kind of cool to see what had burned.
Shed/garage that had burned 5 hours earlier
The run went ok today. I wasn't feeling that great or fast, but the road conditions ended up being pretty nice. The paved roads were completely clear, and I only needed my microspikes for a few short stretches on the two dirt roads. I think I hit it just right. This route has a decent amount of climbing at over 2100 ft of gain. I ended up running it at a decent average pace of 7:51/mi, about 6 seconds slower per mile on average than last time. It actually felt like it was going to be worse, so I was happy with it.
Tonight, I'm on-call at Bartlett-Jackson Ambulance, but since I don't live in the coverage area, I'm sleeping on the couch at the station. I did 4 hours of patient billing and a 911. I'm good if the rest of the night is quiet.
Shorter run tomorrow since I am doing the Tuckerman Inferno on Saturday. Team All Stoved Up, which was #1 team last year. My old team was second, so this will be good competition. Definitely looking forward to it.

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