Monday, April 6, 2015

Back Where I Belong

Yesterday, I took a zero day as planned. It was actually tough to do, knowing it was a nice day out, and it seemed like EVERYONE else was out there running. I needed the break, though. John and I met my friend, Jen, for breakfast instead. Mimosas were in order. It was nice to relax for a change and have a little fun. Afterwards, John and I took a walk around Cathedral Ledge and Echo Lake with the 3 dogs.
Echo Lake

Today was my first official shift back at the ambulance. It felt so nice driving into work without that feeling of dread I had crossing the State line into Fryeburg.  Things are different since I'm now at our Tamworth base on Mondays with a new partner I've never worked with before. I'm also not as familiar with the roads down there as I am with North Conway, but it's all good. My partner and the other crew that's there are all cool, so that is a plus. 7 months ago, I put a bookmark in the book (Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand) I was reading during my last full-time shift at the ambulance. I hadn't opened it since; just no desire to read anything for all of those months; I think my brain was at its max, honestly. It was nice to pull it back out today and start right where I left off.  We actually didn't have any calls which is always good and bad. The days go by faster when we're busy, but sometimes it's nice to have a down day. I have to say I enjoyed the down day. I even turned on the Red Sox game, and I don't follow baseball anymore. Turning a leaf. Ha ha.
Work ended at 5p, and I was really antsy to get my run in. I work right on Rt 41 in Tamworth, so I just ran down that into Madison and then up some roads with really decent climbs that made a loop back to 41. I felt really good the whole way. The first and last 4 are fairly flat, so it's easy to just fly on that part. I ended up with 13.1 miles (a half marathon by accident!) in 1:32:53 (7:04/mi) which I was happy with. I needed the miles. I picked up a short 5 hour shift at the ambulance in the morning which cuts into running time, but the plan is to get up and attempt to get in 8 before my shift. We'll see if that happens. It often does not. :)

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