Friday, April 3, 2015

Center and South Conway Roads

My last day at Fryeburg Chiropractic finally arrived today! I've been waiting almost 7 months for this, and it finally happened. I felt so stuck there, but now, I'm free. Today was pretty uneventful. I went through everything one more time with the new person. Noon rolled around. My boss said, "Thanks!" And that was it. I walked out into the most gorgeous day, got in my car and never looked back.
I decided to run the roads near Conway Lake again, so I ran up Brownfield Rd to Gulf Rd. This time, I decided to keep going on Gulf Rd instead of turning around. I wanted to know the condition of Greeley Rd. Right off the bat, I was on snow and ice and had to walk in it. Seemed like forever, but it finally opened up to be runnable again, even though it was super muddy. I turned on to Potter Rd which wasn't too bad with only a very small icy part. I ran back to Brownfield Rd and then back to my car. 10.6 miles at a 7:44/mi pace which isn't bad considering I had to walk a good portion of Leavitt and Greeley Roads. Decent gain at 945 ft. I hadn't planned to run that distance since I have a race tomorrow, but once I headed on that loop, I was committed so I just went with it. I kind of picked a bad day to try out new shoes, too. I got a pair of On Cloud Cloudrunners for $36. Couldn't pass that up. Well, my brand new road shoes are now covered in mud. Ha ha.
On Cloud Cloudrunners

I liked them ok. They were heavier than my other road shoes, so I will skip racing in them and just use them for training.
The weather was absolutely perfect today, but I know it was short-lived. Tomorrow's race weather looks dreary with rain and temps in the 40s. Hello, early Spring.

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