Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bald Hill Rd

I got out early for an easy run from my house, up Bald Hill Rd and back before my ambulance shift in Tamworth. 7.5 miles, 7:46/mi pace with some decent climbing. Still not the climbing I'm craving, i.e. mountains, but it will have to do for a few more weeks.
Went into work for a 10-hour shift that turned into a 12, since we were sent on a transfer to White River Junction, VT. It was fine with me. More hours=more $. Plus, it's a nice drive, and I had a great partner.
My LAST day at the chiropractor is tomorrow. I can't believe it's finally real. I've been wanting out for almost 7 months, and tomorrow is the day. I wish I had a great idea for my departure, but I can't come up with one. Oh well. Just driving away and knowing I'll never miss it will be enough.

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