Wednesday, April 29, 2015


So far this week, I've had to hit the treadmill twice to get runs in. I picked up a 14 hour on-call shift Monday that started as soon as my regular shift ended, so a post-work run was out of the question. Got up early and hit 6 miles on my treadmill. Same as usual 1-3% elevation. 7:07/mi pace. We weren't busy at work, but the one 911 call we did killed half the day so 5pm rolled around quickly. I decided to take a walk at White Lake State Park on my way home. I couldn't walk out more than 10 minutes, so I did a lot of out and backs. It was really nice, though, since the park is closed, and I was the only one there. Went home and never got called in, so I got a full-night's sleep and made an easy $50.
Selfie by the lake
Since I got so much sleep Monday night, I was ready for Tuesday's run. I was hoping to go under 7min for my average pace since I haven't really done any run like that (other than the 5ks) in a few weeks. Rather than driving and screwing up AGAIN on my timing with John's drop-off, I decided to run a route from home. Normally, I do an out-and-back through Cranmore Shores and up Tasker Hill and Allard Hill, but since the ice/and snow are gone from the side of 113, I decided to do a loop that comes out to almost exactly 11 miles. The first part of the run has the most climbing, which makes the second half a breeze of a downhill. I went by feel, snagged a couple of CRs (from myself) on Strava and felt great. 11.1 miles, 6:54/mi pace. Decent elevation gain (760ft), but nothing special. It becomes special once it's over a 1000 ft. Anything under that is weak. :) 
I spent the rest of the day with John and ventured to Fryeburg to ride bikes on the Mountain Division Trail. My friend, Kyla, gave John a real big kid bike last summer, so he can actually do some real bike riding now. We did the whole trail out-and-back, about 8 miles. Easy kid pace. John ended up with a stomach ache half way through, and was having a hard time riding back, so we stopped for about 10 minutes for him to sit down. This helped, and he made it back fine. 
John on his real bike

Yes, I wear a helmet. I make my kid wear one. I'm no hypocrite.

Kennett High School was having a track meet, so I swung by there after to drop off checks (I'm treasurer of the White Mountain Milers) to people for upcoming events. It was a huge reunion of Milers I haven't seen pretty much all winter, so it was nice to chat until the track meet started. They wanted me to help out, but I had to bail. Plus, I had no idea what they were doing since I have zero knowledge of track. I watched the girls race the hurdles and then left. 
Wednesday is my usual 24 hour shift, and I actually managed to get myself out of bed for a 5 mile run on the treadmill. Way too much treadmill for me this week, but if it's my only option, well, I'll take it. 7:12/mi pace. Nothing special. Same incline. Blah, blah, blah. 
So now, I'm sitting in the crew office typing this up just waiting for a 911 or transfer to come in. I'm hoping we get something or else this will be a LONG 24 hours. I don't mind it if we have nothing, though. It's still better than working at the chiropractor.
Tomorrow's run will be a little shorter than the last two weeks, but I should still end up with 18-20 for the day since I'm hitting up the SIX03 Rochester Pub Run tomorrow night. Really looking forward to that since I've been spending every Thursday night up at Bartlett-Jackson Ambulance on-call, and I'm ready to hang out with some new people. Should be fun.

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