Friday, April 10, 2015

Green Hills

I was fortunate to sleep through the night without a tone drop for a 911. I was not so fortunate to wake up to a rain/ice mixture coming down hard in Glen. Plans to run in Crawford Notch were aborted since I didn't want to run in that icy mixture. So I decided to try out a Middle Mt/Peaked Mt loop. The weather was still crappy, but it was just misty in North Conway. The trail looked bad at first, but it was surprisingly runnable. I had to break through about 2-3 inches of wet snow, but underneath that it was pretty solid.
My lone footprints on Middle Mountain
Based on the lack of any footprints, I assumed I was the first one up both mountains since Wednesday night's snowfall. The run was slower than normal, but I was happy to be able to run the whole way. Close to the top, the top layer of snow did turn to ice, but it still wasn't that bad. The only things I had to watch were the hidden postholes under the fresh layer of snow; that was a bit challenging coming down Peaked.
View of the Valley from Peaked Mountain
Although it wasn't ideal, I was still happy to get off the road and into the mountains today. Slow and easy 5 mile run with over 1600 ft of gain.
Tuckerman Inferno is bright and early with a 7am start at Storyland. 8.3 miles to the kayak transition. I have a good team so I'm hoping we kick ass.

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