Monday, February 16, 2015

Windy Monday

It was nice getting back on the ambulance today, even if it was a little slow. We still managed to have one call to Attitash, which I was really surprised about since only the lower lifts were open. But someone was unlucky today. I had a little trouble being on a different truck than I'm used to with different equipment (I'm new to Bartlett-Jackson Ambulance), but it wasn't too bad. I gave good care and a good hospital report over the radio, so it all worked out.
After my shift was over, I decided to just head back up to Bear Notch Rd, except from the Bartlett side this time. I knew as soon as I started that I should have brought my snowshoes. It was super soft footing the whole way. I decided to venture off onto the Albany Brook and Stanley Brook Snowmobile Trails before hooking back in to Bear Notch Rd. It was such slow going that I turned around short of the top. The sun was just setting, and the wind started to pick up. As soon as I headed back down, it was blowing up the road and gusting into my face. All I could hear was the sound of snapping branches in the woods. I was happy I turned back when I did. I was originally going to do 10, but ended up with 8.7 and was perfectly happy to be back in my car. I was so chilled to the bone that I never actually warmed up until I was home and in the shower.
I snapped a couple of pictures during my run just as the sun was setting. Very beautiful, but SO cold.

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