Thursday, February 5, 2015

Back to Chocorua

I really wanted to get some miles in today, but it was still snowing when I got home from the ambulance (I ended up getting called in about 10 minutes after finishing yesterday's post. ha ha). I decided my safest bet would be just to head back down to Lake Chocorua for what is becoming a regular road run for me. I knew it would be plowed and traffic-free and that my chances of getting taken out by a plow were greatly diminished. The road was in decent condition, but it had just enough of a snow layer to make it slightly slippery (even with microspikes), slowing me down for the whole run. Most of it was in the wind and snow, which made it feel cold even though the temps were in the mid-20s. My effort was the same, though, so it ended up being a good run. As predicted, traffic was light. I only saw 2 cars and 2 trucks with plows and, of course, knew one of the four drivers. One of guys plowing is also a coworker at the ambulance. I can't go anywhere up here without running into someone I know. Small town=no anonymity. Haha. I ended up with 12.2 miles for the day. I'm happy with it. Tomorrow's run will be a little shorter, mainly due to time constraints, and I'm hoping to get in a little elevation gain. Then the weekend will be busy with snowshoe races.

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