Friday, February 6, 2015

Elevation Finally

I've been feeling deprived of my mountain runs the last week, so I decided to get some elevation in today. Fridays are always rushed since I get out of work at noon and then have to be home at 2:30pm when John's dad drops him off. Knowing trail conditions would be pretty snow-covered, I decided to do Hurricane Mt Rd and the Black Cap Trail up to the top of Black Cap again. The conditions were pretty good. Just a tad soft, but not soft enough that I needed snowshoes. I was trying to avoid those today since 4 out of 7 days this week will be snowshoe runs. So I just wore microspikes. Beautiful day, the sun came out, and I enjoyed breathing in the mountain air. I need my mountains. They're peaceful and help clear my head. The run down was super fun and fast on the soft snow. Nothing too exciting, as most of my winter runs are less creative, but it was what I needed today. Horse Hill Snowshoe Race in the morning. This will be my first time doing this one, so I'm looking forward to something "new".

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