Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snowy Road Run

I still had no idea what I was running this morning after I woke up, so I had some coffee while I procrastinated on a decision. I finally decided to just run from home on the road through Cranmore Shores, up Tasker/Allard Hill Roads to Modock Hill Rd and turn around. I decided to bring microspikes along just in case, and that ended up being a smart move. I stopped to take them on and off twice before trying to get up a hill on Cranmore Shores that had zero traction without them. At that point I just left them on for the duration and absolutely needed them. The roads were still covered in a layer of snow, but for the most part they were well-plowed, and the microspikes were perfect. There were a few places, like Modock Hill that was still slick with thick snow, but I was only on that road for a short climb before turning around. It ended up being a decent out-and-back for 12 miles with a better pace than I thought I would run with conditions as they were. Felt great.
John was dropped off shortly thereafter, so we headed to Black Mt for some phenomenal skiing in beautiful weather. Sun, warm temps and perfect skiing conditions. It was so nice to be out in the sun again.

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