Waterville Valley 2019

Waterville Valley 2019

Monday, February 9, 2015

Skiing and Treadmill

Pretty slow day at work due to the snowstorm, so I was happy to get in a 2 mile ski on the Mountain Division Trail during my lunch break. I lost track of time on my way out and barely made it back to work in time. After work, I just came home and jumped on my treadmill for 6 miles (the time it took for an episode of Walking Dead). I ran at a pretty decent pace tonight and felt good. As soon as I was done, I had to snowblow the driveway... again. I swear I've snowblowed more this year already than last year total. My driveway is huge, too, but I don't really mind it once I get going. I used up the last bit of gas in my container, so I was hoping it would be enough to get it done, and it just barely made it through. Only a few hours before I wake up and figure out what the morning's run will be. I still have no idea.

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