Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bear Notch Rd

I got a little of a late start this morning, but I headed back down the Kanc to Bear Notch Rd, which is closed in the winter. I had planned a gate-to-gate run (14.5 miles). I only wore spikes, but it could have definitely been a snowshoe run. The snowmobiles had packed it down enough, but the soft footing just made it really slow going. It was snowing pretty hard for the first half of the run; big, fluffy snowflakes. Very pretty. I turned around at 5.5 miles when I realized I was short on time to make it an 11 mile run for the day.
Eric Narcisi of Level Renner posted the two interviews from last weekend's snowshoe races, so here they are. I should not be allowed in front of a camera.

Horse Hill Snowshoe Race 2015

Moose Mountain RunAround 2015

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