Monday, February 2, 2015


Finished up the final day of my EMT refresher. Huge relief since it brings me 24 hours closer to completing my 72 hour requirement to get recertified and then relicensed in the State of New Hampshire. Tomorrow is Wild Day, my Wilderness EMT recert. It should be fun since we'll be outside all day practicing wilderness emergencies.
I got out of the refresher early enough to actually get a run in during daylight hours, so I headed over behind Walmart to run Corridor 19. The snow was falling pretty heavily at this point, so the snowshoe run was almost all fresh powder. I didn't get the run in I had intended since I was running out of light and wanted to avoid running in the dark for a change. About half a mile up the Mason Brook Trail, I turned around and just headed back the way I came on Corridor 19. Ended up with 7 miles. Good enough. The running in fresh snow is always a good workout.
I'm up early in the morning to get in another run before Wild Day. I'm still not sure what I'm doing, but I'll just decide in the morning.

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