Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Walking and Spinning

Monday 12/7/15- We made the drive back from Athens to my parents' house in Hayesville, NC. John and I immediately went for walk from my parents' house up to the ridge. It's a walk I used to do carrying John on my back when he was little, so it's cool to see him walking it now. I remember thinking that day was so far off then. Now, he's about to turn 10!

As soon as we got back, I got on my mom's spin bike for an hour workout. I chose the Rockies one. I don't love this one, but it still kicked my ass. Now, I wish I had my own spin bike!

My grandmother took us out for dinner to a Mexican restaurant. Once we were home, I was pretty beat, but I watched some HGTV with my parents. HGTV is what my coworkers put on the TV at work if they want entertainment, since I'm constantly yelling at the ridiculous people on these shows who NEED a gourmet kitchen and the like. I am so not in their demographic. Haha. I had an early run planned for the morning, so I went to sleep right after that.

View of Lake Chatuge
John with two loose dogs who joined us on our walk. And I thought it was going to be a dog-free week.
My spinning workout for the day.
We finally got some of the photos from our Trailrunner photo shoot. There were some really good ones... of everybody else. Haha. I expected that, though. I don't really have that "look" or the nice clothes and gear. Plus, I wasn't feeling so great about being injured. This is the only picture of me that I liked. Bob Najar's dog and me. It's probably the only "real" picture of me in the whole bunch.
Photo by Joe Klementovich

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