Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hill Repeats Before Meeting Fat Alberta

Fat Alberta
 I woke up pretty early on Sunday morning because I wanted to get some Heavenly Hill repeats in before heading down to the Seacoast to meet Fat Alberta. The weather was fantastic, and all 3 dogs were raring to go. My legs were still feeling pretty beat after the heavy workload I had put on them the 9 days prior. A whole 46 miles and 3 hours of spinning!! So sad!!That's something I would have done over 3-4 days pre-injury, but I have to be kind to myself and remember that I'm starting over. So the heavy legs kept the pace slow up Heavenly Hill. I have to actually publicly thank my ex-husband for clearing the leaves off the trail while I was out of town. I let him camp at the house while we were gone, so he cleared the trail. I spent 3 hours clearing half of that trail in the Spring, and it was no easy feat, so I'm definitely appreciative of the work he put in. It actually makes a huge difference when trying to run that steep trail. It was still slow, but it would have been a lot slower with all of the leaves. All 3 dogs joined me for the first two climbs. They're always confused after I finish the first one and turn back around to go again. They will eventually follow, but by the third time, I just take them home since they won't follow me again anyway. I did 4 Heavenly Hill repeats coming out to 5 miles exactly at a slow 14:55/mi pace with 1934ft of elevation gain. This trail is no joke in its steepness, for both up and down. I have run it much faster, but with the shape I'm in and the tired legs, I was happy with it.

I took a shower and then dragged John away from his video games to accompany me to Throwback Brewery for the Fat Alberta release. Someone had built up a huge hype about this beer, so I was expecting greatness. Well... it came through. So good! It's Throwback's chocolate peanut butter porter. And oh my god, I loved it. John and I also had a really good time there. Even though it was crowded, we found space at a table right away. I ordered a full pour of Fat Alberta, plus 4 bottles, and a bacon, cheese, pb&j melt (um, WOW). John had an apple cider and a hamburger. I also tried their Campfire S'mores Porter, which was good, but nothing compared to Fat Alberta. They have all sorts of games to play so John set up Jenga, which I lost to him quickly and then Connect Four, that he proceeded to beat me at over and over and over..... It ended up being a really fun time for both of us, and we spent over 2 hours there. I was a little nervous after our Tuckerman Brewing debacle with John having a horrible time, but this time it worked out. The beer, the food, the ambiance. You really can't beat that with Throwback Brewery.

More funny pictures by John

Prettiest elephant I've ever seen

John setting up Jenga

John photo outtakes

John at Throwback

John outtakes

John was so making me laugh. I'm only drinking two of those. The other two are for someone else, so don't even ask for a sip. I'm not sharing.
Smuttynose was about 10 minutes away so I stopped in there to grab one of their Rocky Road beers. I have yet to try it, but it's on the agenda for the weekend. We were home pretty early, so I took the dogs out and just hung out the rest of the night.

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