Friday, December 18, 2015

Ossipee Lake Rd

Vacation was over! Boo! So it was back to work as usual on Monday and not one single call. Made for a long, boring day. The weather was gray and drizzly all day, too, but I was so looking forward to my evening
run. I decided to run from the base down Ossipee Lake Rd and back for an easy 6 miles at a quick pace. This route hardly has any elevation gain, so it was easy to keep the fast pace. It was pitch black, and the drizzling rain made it difficult to see with my headlamp, but it didn't slow me down at all. Somehow I paused my GPS at mile 2.4 and lost maybe .3 before I noticed it. I ran a little farther than 3 miles out to ensure I hit at least 6 on my GPS for the way back, then turned around. I was able to hold the fast pace the whole way which was great! 6.2 miles at 6:46/mi pace. I was wet and cold when I was done, but that felt really good to run fast again. Hoping to keep it up and get back to where I was quickly. The weight is already dropping off back to a more normal running weight. Nowhere near ideal race weight, but it will come.

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