Sunday, December 13, 2015

Spinning and Flying Standby

Thursday was our day to leave NC and head back to NH. I got up super early and got right on the spin bike for an hour ride near Las Vegas. :) I was loving these spinning workouts, so I was bummed to not have that available to me at home without dishing out $$. Oh well.

I had coffee, showered and then packed our things. I had made a last minute decision to list us on a later flight since it was wide open with seats. It made the morning less rushed. We said goodbye to my parents and made the drive back to Atlanta. This has to be my least favorite city that I've ever been to. I never liked it growing up since Athens was like the total opposite of Atlanta. Athens had the high crime like Atlanta; I always had to watch my back and eye everyone suspiciously, but Atlanta is just ugly urban sprawl with the crime. I couldn't wait to get out of there. Unfortunately, it would take us awhile.

Due to a downgrade of equipment, we didn't make it on the first flight. We went from the A concourse to the B, only to not make it on that flight either. Back to the A concourse to a packed gatehouse where we once again didn't get on. It was close, though. For me, this was just par for the course. I grew up flying standby since my dad was a pilot and then continued to fly standby as an adult when I was a flight attendant. I have passes through my dad now, but John has to fly with a buddy pass which puts us at the bottom of the list. Gone are my days at flying with an S2 or S3 priority and enjoying free drinks in first class, but it doesn't matter. For a $90 roundtrip ticket I'm happy to wander the airport and even sleep in it if I have to. Oh, and I've done it. Having John with me, though, made things a little bit tougher since he's not used to this. So I had to come up with Plan B. If we didn't get on the 4th flight to Boston, we were going to jump on the empty flight to Manchester. Bryan was going to come pick up John while I was going to rent a car for $30 to drive to Logan to get our bags and my car. I really didn't like Plan B, and, luckily, we got on the 4th flight to Boston. The last two seats!
John was so all done with standby

In the airport

One of the planes that left without us
When we got to Boston, we grabbed our bags and made it just in time to catch the Logan Express back to Peabody. Unfortunately, just before the bus came, I smelled the strong odor of beer. I opened my suitcase to find one of the beers I brought back smashed to pieces. Haha. Beer was spilling everywhere. It even spilled all over the bus compartment. The whole ride home: car smelled of beer! Haha. At least it was good beer. I really have to work on this car smelling like a beer can thing. :)

We made it home sometime after 1am. I got to bed around 2am. Another late night. I guess I never really caught up on all of that lost sleep from the week before.

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