Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Heavenly Hill

Sunday was the same ole, same ole. Heavenly Hill Repeats. 4 up and back. First two with the dogs, last two solo. 5 miles. Just over 1900ft of elevation gain. It was slower than the week before, but I was sore, and the legs were tired from the race the day before. And I'm not super motivated when I'm doing these anyway. Just a way to get something in from my backyard. 

It was way too nice of a day to not go out for a walk, so I dragged John out of the house on what was supposed to be a hike up Middle Mt in the Green Hills. He begged and pleaded and then tried to pull a fast one on me in order to stick to the mountain bike trails instead (hardly any uphill). "I want to show you this brook." When I pointed out that I know these trails like the back of my hand  and knew he was just trying to get out of going up the mountain, he admitted defeat. Haha. But I relented and we wandered down the Sidehiller Trail, lollipopping to the Quarry Trail and then down towards the power lines. I'll admit that I was freezing the entire walk. I thought I'd dressed appropriately, but I didn't. So I was glad we cut it short. On our way down to the power lines, John got on a giant boulder and said he was going to run across it and leap to the other side. I looked at the distance and the other side, and, um, NO! I didn't actually tell him not to do it, but I told him it was bad idea and not worth the risk, in my opinion. He decided against it, but then farther down the trail by the brook, we came a cross a small section with a cascade. John took about 10 steps back, then said, "I'm going to take a leap of faith!" He ran, jumped over the brook, hit the other side and then fell backwards completely into the brook. Haha. The look on the poor kids face when he hit the water was pure shock. I was glad we were less than a mile from the car because he was so cold. There was nothing I could do to help him but just keep moving him along. I guess he learned a lesson the hard way. 29 degrees is not the time to take a chance like that. But it was definitely funny after the fact.

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