Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bear Notch Road

Wednesday/Thursday- I got up at 4:30am to get in a run on the treadmill. Not as fast as I was doing these runs pre-injury, but not far off either. 4 miles @7:22/mi pace. Same run as always. A progression run with elevation changes every half mile. This method was some of my best training last winter, so I'm hoping to keep it up (with higher miles, of course).

7am started my 48-hour shift, with a 24 at the North Conway base, followed by a 24 at the Ossipee base. The day started off quiet. We ran some errands. I once again played some tunes over the ambulance PA as I drove by John sitting outside of Frontside Grind. I love getting away with that stuff. Haha. Around 1pm, we were sent on a transfer to Maine Med, and then I thought maybe it was going to be a quiet night, but that was to no avail. We were woken up at 2am for a transfer to Dartmouth. That is the worst transfer in the middle of the night with the really long, dark road for 2.5 hours one way. So it was pretty much a night of no sleep. 

Wednesday afternoon coming back from Maine Med. WIDE AWAKE.

Tired as hell in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere on the NH-VT border
We got back around 7:30am, and I immediately bolted for the Ossipee base. The morning was quiet, which gave me time to shower and then lie on the couch for awhile and rest my eyes. I was SO tired. This base is super quiet, so I just listened to the pouring rain outside. Finally, we had two back-to-back 911s and then a late call around 11pm. I never work in Ossipee, so I was learning new roads (that I will eventually run on) and getting a taste of Ossipee 911s. Yep. Definitely some strange ones!! Haha. I had no problem falling back asleep after the last call and barely woke up to hear our Tamworth truck get a tone. That would mean we were up next for any other call in the 6-town area, and I was crossing my fingers and lucked out. Slept like a log until 6:30am.

Friday- Left the Ossipee base a little after 7am and then kind of took my time getting back out for my run. I needed coffee. I finally headed down the Kanc to run Bear Notch Rd. It's closed to motor vehicle traffic this year since it's usually covered in snow, but it's obviously been a snowless season so far, so the road was completely clear. And to add to that, it was sunny and temps were in the 40s!! It was unbeatable. I had 7.3 miles of open paved road all to myself. No cars and no other people. Just how I like it! I was a little nervous about this run, though. If I ran all the way from the Albany gate to the Bartlett gate, I had no choice but to turn around and run all the way back. I didn't know how well I'd do with that distance, but I went for it. This was obviously the fastest I'd ever done this run since I wasn't on snow, but the sad part is that it wasn't that much faster. I still felt pretty good, though, and the focus was really getting some good miles in and working on the climbing. I have to keep the fast running to a minimum still, so my next best thing is just working on elevation. Bear Notch Road does not disappoint in either of these. It ended up being a good run. The distance was ok. The long 4 mile downhill in the middle started to hurt at the end, but overall, I was really happy with this run. 14.5 miles at 7:49/mi pace with 1437ft of elevation gain.

Wide open road all to myself

You can just barely see Bartlett Village. That's where I ran to and then back.

I just think this looks funny.

I only had time to run a few errands before John came home, and then we drove up to Tin Mountain to meet up with the events coordinator to talk about the snowshoe race they are putting on February 27, 2016. Details are minimal right now, but the registration page is up. We're not expecting a huge turnout, but thought we'd give it a go anyway. The Hootenanny at Tin Mountain.

The night was my usual Friday night of doing nothing but hanging at home with John, but that was good since I was running a race the next morning.

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