Thursday, December 24, 2015

Goodwin Town Forest/Lead Mine

Sunrise over Silver Lake on my way to work
Monday at work was quiet. We had one uneventful 911, and that was it. Without snow to cause car and skiing accidents, calls are at a minimum. Haha. 
I planned an easy run for Monday night. I was going to do all trail, but I opted instead for 1.8 easy miles on the Goodwin Town Forest Trail, followed by 4 miles on Lead Mine Rd. It was pitch black dark, and even though I had a headlamp the trail was somewhat difficult to follow in places. It's a newer trail, and with the leaf cover, I could just barely make it out. It was fun, though. I love running trails in the dark. I love running in the dark, period. It's so quiet and peaceful, especially when it's snowing. The moon was pretty bright, so I hoped I could turn off the headlamp once I got on Lead Mine, but there were just enough shadows keeping the dirt road dark that I had to keep the headlamp on. I ran out 1.7, turned around and ran back to the car staying on the road. 5.8 miles at 8:55/mi pace. I have to admit that I was feeling a little beat, so I didn't push my pace too much. I needed an easy day. This building back up from an injury sucks. It's so hard not to compare myself now to myself up until September 27th. I have to keep giving myself breaks and easy runs. I hate that. Haha. But at least I'm running. At least I'm running. At least I'm running..... Maybe if I type that enough, I'll be satisfied... Nope. I want to run far and fast again RIGHT NOW. Hahaha. :)

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