Thursday, January 14, 2016


1/6/16- I woke up at 4:30am to bang out a 5-mile progression run on the treadmill. Felt pretty good and ran a 7:20/mi average pace. Not bad. I love getting a good run in before my 34-hour shift. It was another slow shift in North Conway on Wednesday, and I managed to get another full night of sleep.
The only 911 I had was my own emergent need for Starbucks. :)
Thursday 1/7/16- I woke up at 6am to shower and have coffee, then drove down to Tamworth for the next 10 hours of my 34. Quiet down there, too. Our only call was for a fire alarm activation that we were cancelled en route on. However, our truck's radio wasn't working and we never heard the radio traffic cancelling us. I sounded like an idiot when I signed us off on scene only to be told we had already been cancelled. I imagined the snickering across the OMVA channel. Haha. I didn't mind getting out for the drive anyway.

I brought my big snowshoes along to make out a ski track, but the snow was so solid that the snowshoes didn't break through it at all. I ended up just walking loops around for about 20 minutes.

My 16 year old Tubbs
After works, I decided to do a run that felt bittersweet. The last time I ran it was three days before Lone Gull, when I was feeling SO good. It was a beautiful run with a gorgeous sunset, and I took a lot of pictures along the way to share with someone who lives elsewhere. I wanted to share the beauty of this run. Life was great. So I was happy to be doing this run again for the first time since being back running. Unfortunately, it ended up being a not-so-great run. There they were, in my car. My microspikes. I knew better. I knew the road would probably be icy, but did I bring them along? No. I ended up on a 10.3 mile loop, 2/3 of which was on a slightly sandy icy slab. In the dark with onlyna headlamp to see. Some of the time I could run on the edge of the road, but even that was slippery. I was actually surprised to still do that run under an 8min/mi pace. 7:54. And some good hills. 780ft of elevation gain. So it wasn't a wash. Just more of a disappointment since it didn't hold a candle to the last time I ran it in September.

                   BEER OF THE POST
The end of a 34 hour shift always calls for a beer. Tonight, I chose a favorite of mine for the last 4 years. Breckenridge Vanilla Porter.

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