Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Since Christmas time, many of us bloggers on Central Mass Striders have been inundated with comments from one claiming to be Michael Nat Weinberg of Worcester, Ma on our blogs. He began as "Anonymous" until most of us changed our comment settings. He then registered an account to continue his harassment. Although we are not 100% sure he is the Michael Weinberg from Worcester, Ma, he claims to be, he has been tracked via a program to posting from Worcester. So we are assuming that he is in fact who he says he is. This Michael Weinberg ran with members of CMS years ago, and it was confirmed that he was in a treatment facility some years back for mental illness. A photo of him was found in this 2007 newspaper article about the Genesis Club, a psychiatric rehabilitation program.

The reason he is being exposed now is because he has continued to harass multiple people, moving on from the Central Mass Striders to other bloggers. Before yesterday, I have never responded to Michael's comments to my blog. He appears to be talking to me, but I assure you, this was a completely one-way conversation, most of which I have no idea what he's talking about. I have kept them in my "Awaiting Moderation" folder so that I have complete control over them. He has backtracked and deleted his comments from other blogs, but he can't do that with my blog unless I publish them. He did post these to my comments section which indicates he intended for these to be viewed by the public, so all the information in them was written by him with the intent of public viewing. I will not, however, publish these comments to my blog. Instead, you will see them all through screen shots I have taken. Due to the primitive formatting, the messages are in order from bottom to top in each photo. I had issues uploading them, so they aren't cropped, and you will see comments in there twice. And, once again, keep in mind this is a one-way conversation. I never once responded to the this person until yesterday (1/19) when I replied to some of his comments on other people's blogs.

Read each photo bottom to top:


And there you go!
And, by the way, Michael, I do have a gun, and I know how to use it.
This is just posed:
Just posing for the camera
And this is what happened when I got serious:

Oh, if Michael doesn't drink, why does he have an Untappd account, a beer drinking app?

MW Part II
MW Part IV
MW Part V
MW Final Order


  1. Wow, that dude it bat-shit crazy.

    1. You should see what he's written me since! Numerous threats. I had to get law enforcement involved, and Michael has been warned.

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  3. Let's see, someone with obvious alcohol issues warning other people about their booze intake, relentless delusional thinking expressed through semi-public online babbling, a pathological fixation on you, and a CMS connection...naw, I know *nothing* about experiences like that. ;o)

    Obviously your best -- and really, only -- choice us to document everything, like you have, and use the authorities advantageously. I know it's frustrating to have to even waste time on any of this, and then there's the unsettling aspect of wondering if this person will escalate to more direct contact (usually, despite having clear psychological issues, people like this have some sense of self-preservation and don't place themselves at serious risk of being arrested outright.

    But this is simply what you get for having the running year of your life at age 38. Did you really just not anticipate having crazed fans once you made it to the big time? Sheesh...

  4. For your sake and your safety I hope all of this has stopped! I went to college in the Worcester area and had several "incidences" with Mike during that time, preceding his hospitalization. It all finally ended with me calling the cops to my campus because he had broken in my car windshield with a large rock after he tried to bust into my dorm room and I refused to open the door instead two of my larger guy friends heard the commotion and intervened. He is deceptive, manipulative and can go from scary sweet to just scary! I actually have moved out of state and came across your blog because I have recently started running again (slow as molasses but working on it!) I am planning a trip to MA in a few months. I had heard he had taken up running again and honestly I googled his name and running to seeing if I could find gyms or places to avoid to minimize my chance of running into him while there. So I hope this has stopped for you, if not, be very careful. And thanks for posting because now I know to avoid planet fitness!