Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sunday 1/3/16

Even though I had raced on the track on Saturday, it was more like a rest day since I ran less than 4 miles. So I was ready for something longer on Sunday. I was stuck close to home, so I hit the Wildwood/Tabor Circle mile 10 times. I really liked the 1min on/1min off thing I had done the weekend before, so after the first 3 miles at an easy, slower pace, I did the middle 4 miles for 1min on/1min off. The times were interesting because it really depended on where I was on the road for the fast vs slow part. The pace went 7:15, 7:26, 7:15, 7:26 for those four miles, since each mile was pretty much the exact opposite of the one before it for where I would end up on the 1min on. So it looks like I was very consistent without even trying to be. I ran the last 3 miles also very easy for 10.1 miles total. 7:33/mi pace and 794ft of elevation gain. Good run. It felt productive.

Since I had dragged John to the BU Mini Meet the day before, I asked him what HE wanted to do on Sunday, and he chose Uberblast. It's an arcade place with laser tag. It used to have indoor bouncy houses, too, but they moved locations that only allow the bouncy houses in warm weather outside. That was a bummer, but we still had a fun time. I love laser tag.

He creamed me at laser tag.

Not that much bigger than my real gun
After Uberblast, we took a 3 mile walk at Pudding Pond with all 3 dogs and finished up just before the sun set.
Caught him before he could turn around!!

Sunset over Pudding Pond

Goofball dogs

The Sgt. Pepper that Bob gave me. If you like black pepper, then you'd love this. 
Sounds like my kind of article!! So applicable. :)

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