Tuesday, January 5, 2016

12/28/15- Windsock Village Run

Usual 10 hour shift at work. My last shift in this building that had been our base in Tamworth since well before I started with the company in 2011. Mixed feelings, but happy to be moving to a smaller, cleaner space only two doors down. Had an interesting call late in the shift with a really old lady whom everyone was afraid of. They even had the police meet us on scene. It's all in the initial approach. I spent 20 minutes talking to her and had her singing to me just before we left the house. I love calls like that.

After work, I ran right from the base to Windsock Village, around the neighborhood and back by the base to do it all over again. Two times around was 9 miles. This is a run I really push myself on. Normally, the pace I ran, 6:50/mi, I could have done by feel, but now, I really have to focus and eye my watch constantly to keep a pace like that going. My whole run by feel thing is completely off right now, so it's been tough knowing what pace I'm running without looking at my watch. I wanted to run sub-7s for this whole run, but I caught myself daydreaming in mile 3 and ended up well over 7min pace. Fortunately, I recognized this and maintained sub-7s the rest of the run. It took a lot more effort than it would have in September, but I did it. Very good run.

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