Wednesday, January 6, 2016

First Snowshoe Run of the Season

12/29/15- We finally had our first snowfall of the winter which started overnight on Monday. By the time I woke up on Tuesday morning, there was decent coverage on the ground, but it wasn't fluffy. It was mixed with sleet, so I figured if I wanted to break out the Dion's for a run, then I needed to go earlier before it got too thick and heavy.

By the time I headed out, we had 3-4 inches on the ground. It was heavy snow, but not too bad. I decided to just break trail up Heavenly Hill then connect over to Tin Mountain to break the trails over there. It was slow going as expected. I made it 4.4 miles in 1:04:36 moving time with decent elevation gain at 884ft. It was definitely a good cardio workout, if anything. Not so much a great run, per se, but it felt good to finally get out on the snowshoes and run in the falling snow. I had a feeling I wouldn't be leaving the house all day so I needed the little escape before John came home.
Time to dress like a dork for the next 3 months

Unbroken trail at Tin Mountain. I broke it. :)

Spot blurry because she wanted back inside. Stat!

John came home and immediately went over to his friend's house down the street to play in the snow. He was gone for hours, came home for a little while, then was back over there until dark. I'm usually bored when I'm stuck at home, but I managed to get quite a few things done. I snowblowed the driveway later in the day; it sucked with the heavy snow and the unfrozen ground since I was picking up all sorts of rocks and other debris. I wouldn't have bothered clearing it, but John's dad's van has trouble getting through any snow and requested that I clear it. It was ALSO a good workout, so it at least kept me moving. I jammed up the auger twice, once with a huge rock that I was able to get out easily, and then with a piece of wood that took me almost 30 minutes to get out. I ended up having to use a hammer to pry and out and break in half to get it out from under the auger blade. Huge pain in the ass, but it did end up snowing more that evening and overnight. John's dad would have struggled with the driveway had I not cleared it, and I didn't want to hear about it. Haha.

For the first time in over 15 years, I decided to get cable tv. Literally haven't had tv since we moved to our apartment in Scituate, Mass in June of 2000. Of course, it's changed a lot since then and involves the internet and phone stuff. It still shouldn't be complicated, but it didn't work, even after following the instructions. I've had the box, new internet modem and phone line for over a month, but when it didn't work, I gave up. A snow day forced me to sit down and live my nightmare of getting on the phone. I hate talking on the phone to people I know, so talking to customer service is traumatizing. Haha. The cable tv has something wrong with it, so that couldn't get done, but I managed to get the new internet modem and telephone up and running. Not that I'll use the telephone, but it's good to have there for John if he can't find his cell phone. After over an hour of dealing with all of that, I still had no tv, but it took up time; I wasn't complaining.
It's this thing called a home telephone! (Found an old phone at work that was going to be thrown out.)
I decided to build a fire in the wood stove after that just for something else to do. John came home and played his games, so we really didn't do anything together that day, but I was happy he got to spend some time with his friend since it had been awhile. A lazy day at home ended up being a not-so-lazy day.

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