Friday, August 28, 2015

Mt Chocorua

I went to bed early Thursday night to catch up on the lost sleep and was then woken up out of a deep sleep at 8am Friday morning by John coming in to drop off his stuff and the dogs. His dad had sent me a text that I didn't get due to being out cold telling me he needed to drop off the dogs and John's things. I guess I don't get a choice in the matter. Ha ha. It was nice to see John for a few minutes, though, before he left to go back with his dad. I was awake so I decided to make coffee, then get ready for a run. I felt bad now that I had all 3 dogs, since I wasn't taking them with me. I drank my coffee then drove over to Scott Rd to run the Hammond Trail up Mt Chocorua. The weather was SO beautiful. Just perfect. I chose the Hammond Trail since I had never run it (plus the Liberty Trail) all the way to the top. I had done the whole trail, just not at once. Plus, it's not too difficult, and since I have a race (or races) tomorrow, I didn't want to kill my legs. I took it really slow the whole run. It's about 3 miles on the Hammond Trail until it ends at the Liberty Trail which goes the whole way to the top. So far, I'd say this is one of the easier routes up Chocorua that I've done, but I have yet to go up Chocorua from the Paugus Mill Rd Trailhead. Once at the top, I ran into two sisters who were really nice and started asking me all sorts of questions about my mountain running. They were working on their 4000 footers. They moved over to another part of the peak, so I had the summit to myself for a little while. Just took some time staring out at the view, then I headed back down the way I came.
My Buff needed some adjusting, obviously. :)

I only saw a few other people. One was the local dog walker, whom I've run into on the Hammond Trail before. Two of her dogs followed me down a ways, but I didn't mind. They were very sweet dogs, and they eventually turned back to meet up with her again.

When I got home, I took the dogs up Heavenly Hill. I stayed up there for awhile to drink the mug of coffee I brought up. Then I walked back down and drove over to the Swift River Covered Bridge in Conway to pick up John since he and his dad were hanging out by the river down there.
Blurry shot of us. Phoenix wasn't too thrilled. Ha ha.

Poor little dog. Ha ha.
Interesting thing I learned today. I see what happens when you post skinny-dipping pictures of yourself on your blog. Looks like I hit the big time and made it onto two Tumblr sites. Ha ha ha.
Natural Swimming Spirit
Let's Get Nekkid
Good thing I don't care. Too funny.

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