Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Conway/Eaton/Madison Loop

I woke up Monday REALLY sore after the previous night's workout. My legs hurt. Just touching my chest was painful. So weak!! Ha ha! I'm glad I'm getting back into it, though. I had to work my regular 10-hour shift in Tamworth, where it was pretty quiet most of the day. I heard from John's dad that John was still tired and slept until 1:30pm!! Had to be a virus or something. In the afternoon, we got a 911 call that had us out for a few hours, then put us back at the base right at 5pm, time to leave.

I had a big run planned for Monday night, but I had forgotten about the earlier sunset and wasn't sure I could pull off the whole run before dark. I didn't feel like bringing lights, but I grabbed my reflective vest and tied it around my waist to use once it got dark. I made up this loop which left my house and ran the same route through Cranmore Shores that I always do. I took it pretty slow the first mile because my legs were SO sore and needed to loosen up big time. They were so sore that I didn't know for sure whether I would be able to run the whole loop I had planned. The soreness was actually gone by mile 3 when I started up Tasker Hill Rd. I ran up Allard Hill Rd to its end at Modock Hill Rd and took a left eventually hitting Dollof Hill Rd which was a nice downhill break after the climbing up Allard. Just before I got onto Rt 153, Don Fredrikson and his wife, Sharon, passed by on their way to movie night at the Inn at Crystal Lake. I so wanted to jump in the car with them and head to the inn. It sounded way more appealing. They waved, and I continued on. I hit 153, which I reluctantly run on, since cars scare me, but this time of evening, it was really quiet. I ran all the way into Eaton, passing Crystal Lake and the Inn where Don and Sharon were. Once again, I wanted to stop there for movie night, but I kept going straight up Glines Hill Rd for a killer climb. For a road climb, it was pretty tough, but the run on the road was so peaceful and quiet. I really enjoyed it. Quiet dirt roads are some of my favorite places to run. Glines Hill passes Modock Hill Rd, and I forgot that my plan was actually to go that way and onto Colby Hill Rd, so I continued straight with Glines Hill eventually turning into Mooney Hill Rd for a long downhill to 113 in Madison. 113 was a little scary, since it was getting dark and all I had was the reflective vest that I stopped to put on before getting on 113. The newly paved road and graded shoulder made the run much nicer than the last time I ran it. It was still light enough for me to see for the first 2 miles down the road, but after that, it got pretty dark, and car headlights were blinding me. Most of this run was downhill. I didn't kill it, though. I can usually run a portion of this in 6s for pace, but I held back a bit into the 7s. I was so done by the time I got to my driveway. When I looked amy GPS, I was surprised to see 18 miles flat. Cool. Didn't even plan that or have to make that happen. Just worked out that way. 7:58/mi pace with over 1400ft of elevation gain. Decent run for a really muggy Monday evening. Not really fast, but I was happy with it.

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