Saturday, August 8, 2015

I'll Be Dipped

Hell froze over. For the first time since March, I got a full-night's sleep on a Wednesday night. No 911s. No transfers. What a difference that makes. I feel so awake! I got up Thursday morning, showered, packed and drove to Tamworth for my 10 hour shift. We only had one call, but Sol and I spent quality time checking out Tamworth's new Dollar General. All sorts of top-quality items in there.

That being said, I did walk out some stuff. Paper towels, hair bands, a lint roller, goggles and socks (the latter two for John), so it wouldn't be right for me to completely make fun of the place. I spent a lot of the rest of the day sitting outside since the weather was so nice.

5pm rolled around, and I went from on-duty to on-call. I snagged the pager to take with me so that I could have a heads up on any calls that came in. Since I had been working 34 hours straight, I couldn't really make a dish to bring to the Oedel's for I'll Be Dipped so I drove down to Pattiken's and bought a carrot cake to bring. I hate being one of those people who brings pre-made dishes to a party, but I think I had a valid excuse. I drove over to the Oedel's beautiful cabin on Silver Lake and had about 30 minutes before the start of the prediction run, so I decided to do a little warm-up down Lead Mine Rd. Just a little ways in, I passed a big sign for the new Goodwin Town Forest trail, so I decided to do that instead of the road. It was nice, but the trail is really rooty; I almost bit it a few times. It loops back to Lead Mine Rd, so I just made a full 2.8 mile loop back to the Oedel's just in time. I got there maybe two minutes before the start of the run, and quickly wrote down 20:35 for my predicted time. It was the usual, small crowd of White Mountain Milers. Bernie and Eileen Livingston did the timing and sent us on our way. I ended up catching Darin Brown quickly, and we ran together the rest of the way. Too bad I didn't put his time for my predicted time, since he won for the men! Ha ha. We ran a quick tempo pace and finished somewhere around the 20:50 mark. I recorded the run on Strava, but I had to start it way ahead of time and then turn the phone around so I couldn't see it. I ended up with 2.9 miles, but it was car measured for 3.1. Didn't matter at all. It was just a fun run. I stayed at the finish and got everyone's picture as they came in (except Darin and Nick, who got a post-run photo), and then we went over to the house for the cookout. They have such a beautiful cabin there. They upgraded it a few years ago, and it is just beautiful. Dave and Kerry Oedel are also some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. They live in Georgia most of the year, but they spend all summer here.
View from their cabin
I stayed for awhile talking with Paul and Catalina Kirsch until we realized everyone else had left. I said goodbye to Dave and Kerry, whom I won't see again until probably November. They have been so supportive of me over the last year, even from afar, since they both have been in my situation of being divorced with kid(s).

I dropped the pager back at the Tamworth base and drove home. Before I ever got out of my car, I got called in. Ugh. I was JUST there, but whatever. So I started the car up and headed that way only to be cancelled about 4 miles in. Drove back home. 10 minutes later, called in again. ha ha ha. This time I made it to the base, but the other truck didn't transport anyone so I was only there maybe a half hour before going back home. I still got paid my stipend and 2 hours(overtime) just for getting called in. Fortunately I wasn't called in again and got a decent night's sleep.

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