Monday, September 14, 2015

Middle Mt Loop-9/8/15

After the previous night's run, I woke up really beat. I only have the morning on Tuesday to run, so out I went into what felt like 100% humidity for a loop run through the Green Hills in North Conway with Spot. I was sluggish right from the get-go and absolutely STRUGGLED through this entire run. Started at Hemlock Lane and ran the mountain bike trails over to the Middle Mt Trail. I ran (if you can call it that) up Middle Mt. About half way up, I ran into my friend, Cindy, who was hiking down. I was never more happy to stop running to chat for 5 minutes. I felt great once I started again... for maybe 3-4 minutes. Then it was back to feeling like I was lugging 200lb legs up the mountain. From the top of Middle, I ran over towards Rattlesnake, then down to the mountain bikes trails and Corridor 19 back to the car. I was drenched in sweat and completely spent. The worst run I had had in a long time. 7.6 miles. 1617 ft of elevation gain. As soon as I was done, I knew I was taking Wednesday off from running.

John came home, and I decided that I wanted to check out the Cotton Valley Rail Trail with him. I put our bikes on the bike rack and drove down to Wolfeboro. We parked right off of 109 at a parking area for the path then rode down about 1.5 miles until we got to Albee Beach. We were already sweating from the 90 degrees, so we stopped for a swim. What a beautiful beach with such clean water. John was loving it, and it took reminding him that we were getting ice cream in Wolfeboro to get him out of the lake.
Cotton Valley Rail Trail

Albee Beach. Hiding from the camera. I don't know why. I only take like 30 pictures of him a day. Sheesh.

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Yep. Goofball selfie.

Ice cream at the town docks

Helmet mark on my forehead and tangled hair after swimming

I don't think that lady liked photobombing us.

Pardon my legs, but the water was just so beautiful.

Peppermint stick. Melting. I love melted ice cream.

Albee Beach
We rode on into Wolfeboro. The town was much quieter than the day before. We got ice cream and then walked out to the end of a dock to sit and eat it. John covered the dock in chocolate ice cream then swore he didn't spill any. Haha. The ice cream hit the spot, so we were ready to bike back to Albee Beach for another swim. We didn't stay too long since John had his ninja class, so we finished up the bike ride for a total of 7.2 miles. The whole trail, one-way, is 12.5 miles, so I would like to come down and run the whole thing, down and back. Flat as can be, so it would a fast long run. Not sure when I'll add that into my schedule, but, hopefully, before the snow flies. Oops. I'm sorry. I said the S word. Nevermind.

John made it to ninja class and was pretty wiped out after that. We had such a great day together.

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