Monday, September 14, 2015

Center/South Conway Loop

I had a weekend full of racing, so I decided to do a "short" run on Friday morning. It was cloudy and still humid when I started, but as I ran the clouds moved out and that familiar Fall breeze rolled in. It felt so good. And I felt really good on my run. I felt so fast again (not that I was fast; I just felt like it). I ran a loop starting on Potter Rd (dirt) to Brownfield Rd (pavement) to Gulf and Greeley Roads back to Potter (all dirt). I cranked out the last 3 with all sub-7s. Felt great the whole run. 11.1 miles at 7:22 mi/pace, 941ft of elevation gain.
Part of my run on Gulf Rd

I went right from there to run what I thought would be quick errands. If you live in a small town and hope to get in and out of anywhere quickly, you can bet you will run into a bunch of people you know. Sure enough...  I did, but I didn't mind it all. I loved seeing everyone I ran into. I even got to participate as a model for the EMS commercial for White Mountain TV channel. Ha ha. I looked so awesome after my run. Can't wait to see it... but I won't. I don't have tv. Haha.

After I finished my errands, I went home to get the dogs then drove to Tin Mountain to pick up John from his homeschool group. We took a short walk down to the pond after catching up with some friends whose kids are also in the group.

John at Tin Mt
We didn't do much else for the day. I made a fire in the fire pit which felt nice since the air was actually chilly. Great night. Stars were out.

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