Monday, September 14, 2015


Woke up at 4am on Wednesday to do some "weight training" before work. I had skipped Sunday, so I doubled up two workouts. It was kind of a nice alternative to the treadmill, but it was still way too early. Work was actually super busy. Our other crew had to go out on a long transfer to Keene, so we had to cover town and had 4 911s. I ended up teching them all since we knew there was a paramedic transfer looming that my partner would have to do. That was a lot of report writing for me, but I didn't mind. I like working in the back of the truck with the patient when I can. We did end up doing that transfer to Maine Med and got back a little before 1am. 30 minutes later, just as I was dozing off, a tone dropped. Please, please, please be a fire alarm activation. Sigh of relief. It was. I drove us to the scene, half asleep. Of course. Someone cooking. Headed back to the base and got to sleep for almost 4.5 hours straight!! Huge night for sleep. Haha. Got up at 0540 so that I could shower then go finish my last report.

At 7am, I headed down to the Tamworth base for the rest of my 34. I wasn't with my usual partner, and both of our calls were total shit shows. It was funny. I said when she got there that I knew the Tamworth/Madison/Eaton/Freedom area really well. Jinxed. I could find the streets, but not the street numbers. But, hey, no one died. I call that success. ;)

After 34 hours, 5pm always looks extra good. I changed clothes, then drove all the way up to North Conway to run Mt Kearsarge North. I didn't start until 6pm, so I knew it would be dark for some of the way down. This time I came prepared with a headlamp. I was surprised how easy the run up felt. It wasn't my fastest time up there, but it was pretty close. I felt really good. The air was still thick in the trees, but as soon as i got out in the open, the cooler air felt great. I made it up there in 50:59, about 1.5 minutes slower than my fastest. Weather was rolling in, but it made for some beautiful views. And watch out! Selfiefest!

Selfies GALORE!

Inside the fire tower

Lights of North Conway in the background

Clouds were pouring over the mountains like waves
I ran back down in about double the time of my fastest. I can only run down super fast when the trail is hard-packed snow. Plus, the last two miles were in the dark with a headlamp. 5.7 miles with 2588ft of elevation gain. Felt great to get a mountain run after that long shift. I like to be in the fresh mountain air after sitting in the stuffiness of the ambulance bases.

On the way home, I decided to go to Flatbread on a whim to grab a pizza. I grabbed a beer while I waited and then chatted with my friend, Kristen, who was there for a MWV Soccer Club fundraiser. Great way to round out my day.

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