Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chocorua Roads

I hit the roads around Chocorua Lake again for a shorter run. It's very quiet with few cars, so I enjoy it. The road was a just a sheet of ice covered with sand, so I wore microspikes which made for solid footing. I basically did an out-and-back, not quite hitting the end of Fowler's Mill Rd, as I didn't want to go more than 8 miles today. I chose a slightly different route on the way back and ended up with 8.4 miles. I felt heavy and slow, but my pace was actually better than last week on the same road (although last week was longer). I always feel slow in the winter. Still taking it easy, so last night I swam in the pool for 30 minutes, and tomorrow, I'll take another day off from running and do something else. Probably some weight training if I can get myself up at 4am. The decision on Sidehiller happens tomorrow, so my plans for the weekend are pending.

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