Friday, January 23, 2015

Black Cap

Headed out after work for an easy 6.2 miles out-and-back to the summit of Black Cap Mt via Hurricane Mountain Rd and the Black Cap Trail. Perfect running conditions with microspikes. Pretty solid. Not much ice (yay!), so no face plants for me today. Great day to be in the mountains, as it wasn't too cold and the sun was shining on Mt. Washington. I really just needed some elevation today. I scared an older  guy skinning on the way up as I passed him, but then stopped to talk to him on my way back down. He first asked where I was from and then my name. He didn't know me, nor I him (he said he was Phil Ostrowski, an ultrarunner back in the day), but then said, "You must know Kevin Tilton." I laughed and told him I did. I guess if you're mountain running around here, then you must know Kevin. Ha ha. Will do minimal running tomorrow just to keep up with "resting" this week. Not sure my idea of resting qualifies as resting, but it's what I'm doing. Race on Sunday, unless this snow storm messes that up. Funny, if both races I was going to do got cancelled, one due to lack of snow and the other due to too much snow.

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