Thursday, January 29, 2015

1 Week Post-Smashed Face

I smashed my face on the ice a week ago, and it seems to be healing nicely. The cuts on my nose and chin are still visible, plus the slight bruising on the bridge of my nose onto my cheeks in certain light. My inner lower lip is a bit puffy from my teeth cutting into it, but it's not super noticeable, unless you watch me try to eat soup. I'm a mess.
One week after eating ice and sand.
I'm really lucky to have hit the road the way I did. It could have been a bad head injury or busted teeth, so I'll take being an ugly duckling for a week+ over that any day.
Today, I hit the roads around Chocorua Lake again. This has been my go-to lately for road runs since it's close to my house and quiet. I might see 2 or 3 cars the whole time. Today, I did a little extra out and back on Philbrook Neighborhood Rd because I wanted to do at least 10. I didn't measure it beforehand and ended up with 12.5, so I was stoked. The roads were plowed well, almost too well, as the ice was exposed in a lot of places, but I ran on the side where the snow and sand were a little bit thicker. I had on my new (now already getting dull) microspikes, so I didn't slip at all, but I couldn't stop imagining falling on my face again and then having to write about it. Ha ha. I'd rather put up a goofball picture (see above) of how well it's healing. My run was nice. Cold at the start at -7, but it had warmed up into the teens by the time I finished. I ran a little slower than I would have liked at a 7:43 min pace, but my legs are still screaming at me. I might skip running tomorrow to hit the pool and do some weight training at home after. My ass and hamstrings are just sore from Sunday still.  My left knee felt painful during the run so I started to get worried. I realized after that I had a huge bruise on it, so I must have knocked it on something at some point that I can't recollect. I'm always bruising myself, so who knows.

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