Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Michael Weinberg- The Final Order

I finally got the Stalking Final Order of Protection paperwork...but not in the mail. I had to go by the court. It had been finalized the day of the court date and mailed out, but I never got it. That kind of freaks me out, but whatever. Four weeks later to the day, I now have it, and I can hopefully make this my last Michael Weinberg post. Key word is "hopefully". The restraining order only lasts a year, and I don't trust Michael to be gone forever. Then again, I don't fully trust anyone, so there's that. Maybe he'll prove me wrong and be trustworthy to disappear from my life forever.

I'm finally going to post his last messages to me that led to this final event. You'll see why charges were supposed to be filed against him, even though, I'm sure they won't be since no one actually gives a fuck. I'm on my own here, but I'm used to that and expect it, so I'm prepared. So here are his final messages to me. There were actually many more on my friend's blog, but I'm going to leave most of them out. I think mine are enough. Hers will be the ones that have no names, emails, etc.

My first message back from MW

First mention of "rape"

And that's that. So Michael showed up here in town.  I called Starbucks and confirmed that he had been there (everyone knows me there), but had left not too long before I called. I was terrified. I called John's dad and told him to leave the house right away and asked him to bring me the gun. For once, I think Bryan finally understood this was actually serious. (He brought me the gun.) I called the police as soon as I saw his threatening message and got my friend Mike in dispatch, thankfully! The police officer I tried to contact was busy, and by the time I got ahold of him, Michael had left town (I found out later). A BOLO went out too late, and Michael had already crossed into Massachusetts before they could catch him here in NH. Worcester PD was notified, and Michael was served my restraining order (3 days after I had it approved!!) that night when he arrived home (that's what I was told).

In court, the judge asked Michael if he had told me he wanted to rape me. Michael said, "Yes, I made that exaggerated comment." He tried to say he didn't mean it, but did he? I don't know. He's obviously mentally unstable. He didn't even seem to understand why he was in court with me; he tried to battle me, but the judge had to keep making it clear to him that he was only there to defend himself. I don't know if he ever really understood or not, but I have my restraining order for now. I'm really hoping Michael stays away, but I'll never let my guard down. I'll always be ready.

Michael tried to play the victim after this, but, for once, I get to play that role. Michael, all of these words, threats, etc are ALL YOURS. If people think you are mean, dangerous, etc., it's because of what you wrote. I only published YOUR public comments. But it's all you. YOU are not the victim. You may not be the person you appeared to be with your messages to me, but how does anyone know that?

I had the misfortune of being part of the small percentage of people stalked by a stranger. I think with social media, this will rise. It gives people like Michael an easy outlet. I know people think I brought this on myself, that I fed the troll, that I should have taken the blog posts and even the whole blog down, etc. I actually had many people tell me to take the posts about Michael down. Funny, they were all men. All of the women I actually spoke to about it said they agreed with it being up here. It should be out in the open. I took a risk doing it, but I'm someone who is willing to do that. And I was probably the BEST person Michael could have chosen because I'm not a weak woman. I do take risks. I'm not afraid of much. I'll deal with the repercussions. But I'm not taking it down. NONE of it. I fought that fucker, and for now, I won. And I'll win again if it comes down to it.

I have nothing left to write, I guess. I'll leave this blog post with 2 songs that I think are appropriate for this post.

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