Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It's Not a Stress Fracture!

So I was 100% wrong about it being a stress fracture. I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong because when you're wrong, you're wrong. Might as well own up to it.

If it were a stress fx, it would show up by now, and there is nothing. I had these done at my chiropractor. He thinks it's the tendon, and he's probably right. No idea how bad it is, but it's most likely a tear. Once again, I am totally guessing. No idea what this means. And I won't know for sure until I get better insurance on Jan 1st or it heals, whichever one is sooner. For now, it just means more time not running. It HAS gotten so much better. That I know 100%, but..... will it only improve to a point on its own? Will I need surgery?! No idea. No idea about anything except that for now, I'm fucked.

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