Friday, May 29, 2015

Recovery Week

Tuesday- I got out for a nice run in the Green Hills while John was at his ninja class. I ran right from there and hit the trails. I was barely sore, but it still took the first mile to work the stiffness out. I ran out to Corridor 19 and then did a loop in the Outer Limits and back to Corridor 19. I realized at this point that I only had 9 minutes until John's ninja class was over and started hauling ass. Made it back only 4 minutes late. Phew. Pretty good run. After I warmed up, my legs weren't sore at all, but I could still feel the fatigue in them. 7.5 trail miles, 1002 ft of elevation gain.

Wednesday- I got up early before work and hit 5 miles on the treadmill. My usual run, just a little slower pace than usual. 7:24/mi. I felt really good. Sadly, I tricked my own self ON PURPOSE, and this was to be my last run until today. I purposely picked up an extra 10-hour shift right after my 24 hour shift AND also picked up a 14-hour stipend (on call) shift right after the 10-hour. I knew it would be forced rest. 48 hours of torture. I was cursing myself, but I planned it that way. Grr. But it was a good thing. I need the recovery. I recover very quickly, but I knew I would need another zero day.
As per the usual, we were up most of the Wednesday night, but a little better this time. I think I got 3.5 hours of sleep. From there, I drove right to Tamworth for my 10 hour shift. I was able to come home at 5pm, but I was on call until 7am. I live about 17 minutes from the base and have only 20 minutes to get there, so that's just enough time to throw on my shoes and hop in the car. No run for me. I never got called in, though, and got a full night's sleep.

Thursday- Slept in until the end of the on-call shift, had coffee and then finally headed out for a mountain run. I felt great. Didn't even feel like I had run a marathon 5 days ago. I started from the White Ledge Campground on the Carter Ledge Trail for about a mile. Took a right on the Middle Sister Trail and followed it all the way to the summits of all of the Sisters. The weather was perfect and the views as amazing as always. I didn't venture over to Chocorua. I could see people over there. I don't like sharing summits with other people; I'll admit it. ;)
Looking over at Chocorua 

Me on Middle Sister

Yes. I set this one up. I'm a dork, and I need to tame those arms.

Summit of Middle Sister

Just because I need to add one more selfie.
I hit the final summit, then backtracked to the Carter Ledge Trail to make a loop back to the car. The trail was actually pretty rough in parts and going down the first section of it was actually my slowest mile of the run. Before I knew it, I was down on Carter Ledge in familiar territory and ran back down to my car. Fantastic day and just the run I needed. I LOVE being able to run in the mountains. 8.8 miles, 2898ft of elevation gain.

The rest of the day was spent buying food for my race on Sunday and then a few leisurely hours at Conway Lake with John. I'm up early tomorrow to meet Paul Kirsch at Tin Mountain. Paul is going to help me mark the course for the race. Things haven't gone quite as smoothly this year as last, but I'm still foreseeing a good day out there on Sunday. I have 146 pre-registrants, much bigger field than last year. Crossing my fingers all goes well.

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